Sunday, March 7, 2010

Soil Temperature

Yes, soil temperature!
I can't wait to start planting seeds!!!
This weekend I moved my cabbage and broccoli starts out into the garden, even with the snow on the ground. Put them under a window cold frame and they will be right as rain.

Once things warm up and two weeks after the last frost (always a crapshoot in my mind since you never know until June if THAT one was the last frost; never plant all your seeds the first time) I will plant my beans, corn, melons, pumpkin, squash and watermelon.

My onions, carrots, lettuce, peas, radish, spinach, swiss chard and parsnip will wait for the ground to warm up to above 72F. I have my soil thermometer raring to go.

And once the sun is shining every day and when I think the garden is done and that all I need to do is weed and water, along comes late May and I will finally plant my tomatoes. Talk about whimps of the garden world.

I will have to look up when to plant my peppers. They seem whimpy too, but oh so tasty.

And this year again I will plant more asparagus. Want to talk about a slow growing crop; takes 3-4 years to the first harvest and even then its only enough for a single meal! By God, I will keep planting it and eventually it will come in strong. My In-Laws have it running as a weed in the backyard, Dad just mows around the plot to determine where he wants the boundaries to be. Of course, they planted theirs about 20 years ago.....


Ed Foster said...

You have my envy, even with all the stoop labor. Sadly, I no longer have a patch of earth to call my own, and can't do the complicated rituals and wonderings each spring. Perhaps next year.
Ed Foster

sobriant74 said...

Tomorrow is another day and a window box with some kitchen herbs can do wonderful things to raise the spirit. I just enjoy getting my hands dirty, I think I'm still a five year old boy playing in the mud deep down inside.