Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rear Ended - FORD POS does have a 5 Star crash rating

So there I am stopped at a light yesterday, behind another car, just patiently waiting for the light to turn green when WHAM, I get rear-ended by some texting fool who never hit the brakes b/c they werent paying attention. Luckily little ones 1 and 2 were with their grandmother for the day post-Christmas and not in the backseat of my Ford P.O.S.
But, turns out that all my grumbling about how much I dislike the car (its a 2005 Taurus and rides fine, but I've never really liked it) didnt show the car enough respect. The little Korean hatch back slid under my rear bumper and scratched up my paint job and lifted my back end up and dropped me back on the ground. The import was accordioned in the front back to the wheels, with the radiator set back and the hood crumpled all the way back to the windscreen. Somehow her headlights survived unscathed. Maybe the Koreans should have built the rest of the car the way they did the headlights.
But, my ugly Taurus will live to drive another day. I'm not saying I'm falling in love with her (She's named Sandy) but I have more respect for her today than I did yesterday morning when I woke up, thats for sure.
So, I guess I have to admit my wife was right when she convinced me the 5 star crash rating was more important than fuel economy. Does that mean I have to tell her that?