Thursday, January 24, 2013

Get a grip on reality will you please?

So someone in Turkey bought their kid a LEGO Star Wars set, and when the Uncle came over and saw it he immediately decided that is was a Turkish mosque and Asians being represented instead of...well...fake stuff from George Lucas' mind.He got incensed, spoke to his local community center and now is contemplating a lawsuit for this great insult against Islam.

I'm well aware that ol' GL has co-opted pretty much anything not nailed down in order to add filler to his Star Wars series (And God knows he has re-released the films every time some new tech has come along that lets it come out an iota better for the viewer)
                                                          but to think that he took this
and created this
is really pushing it.
Considering that they dont look anything like each other other than both having domed roofs, I can't imagine they are linked.
So when LEGO comes out with this
I have to say it looks a lot more like Star Wars than a Turkish Mosque (which by the way started life as a Christian Basilica under the Eastern Roman Empire, look it up).

As for the characters looking Asian  sure Jabba has almond shaped eyes, and smokes a hookah, but I have yet to meet a large green worm looking "person" claiming to be from Asia, so I'm going to have to shut that argument down as well.

This is why religious nuts (no matter the religion) drive me crazy. Its a childs toy modeled after a childs movie. No hidden meanings are required. The set will run you $120, which is also crazy as a price for a kids toy in my mind, but hey, if those Danes can get that price, more power to 'em.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jason Sudeikis now luckiest man alive

Its official, he's engaged and now gains the coveted title of man for whom I am the most jealous.