Monday, March 22, 2010

Practical Prepping

A new site, with a focus on practical everyday things you can do to create a culture of preparedness in your daily life...because, if you're not prepared...what are you?
At first I thought he was holding up some deformed orange fish....I might want to get some new glasses.


Counter-Jihadist said...

Haha...'deformed orange fish'. I love it! Hey, I made minestrone soup w/ those carrots and some onions and parsley from the garden. It was awesome.

Don said...

BTW, above comment was posted as an 'alter-ego'.


sobriant74 said...

I try to keep my alter egos off my blog, don't want the Chi-Coms to know about my split persona's.
The soup sounds good, but I have to ask the question my brothers and I always hounded my mother with;

Did you make your own pasta?

LOL, its how we took the air out of her sails any time she proclaimed a meal was "made from scratch". We were horrible sons. All four of us have matured gracefully and she has forgiven us now that we've made her a grandmother 6 times over.