Monday, March 8, 2010

If its Monday I must be taking a test

So, I'm headed to the local community college to try and place out of all things, English.
Heres hoping I gots enuff edukashun to git er dun.


I'm going to start taking night school classes a couple of times a week to get trained as an EMT. It will take about 6 months of classes plus a state certification exam to reach EMT-II status, which is when the state of Ohio deems you worthy to do anything interesting (run an IV, etc). Its a couple of steps beyond my Red Cross First Aid and Wilderness First Aid training and will be handy even if I never become a first responder.
At $79 a credit hour, I'll be damned if I pay to sit in a class that teaches me the basics of English grammar. ;)
EMT-III, or Paramedic, requires about two years worth of classes if you go full time, so that isn't in the cards.

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