Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Long Emergency

Been reading the non-fiction The Long Emergency. Liked Kunstler's fiction "World Made by Hand" so I thought I would try this one.

The first 2/3rd's are very well written and will guide you through the web that an oil based economy has weaved through history, leading to globalization. I actually learned a few new things in this section and the book is informative for technogeeks and laymen alike. The last couple of chapters lead down a slippery slope where we go from fact based illustrative writing to "opinions about what may be".
The tone and caliber of writing change and honestly I am having to force myself to finish.UPDATE: I finished it tonight and have to say that the final section picks up form the slow start and I found myself getting back into the book. Glad I bought it from Amazon after all.....
World Made By Hand dovetails nicely with One Second After by Forstchen, almost as if WMBH is a sequel set a few years later. If you're into Post-EMP novels, try the free online book, Lights Out if you can find it; the author Halffast is signing a book deal and pulling down his PDF's, but it is a good read.

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