Friday, March 5, 2010

Heirloom Seeds and Hometown Seeds

Heirloom Seeds and Hometown Seeds
Great little mom and pop Non-Hybrid seed companies, I buy from them every year and love the quality. Plus, if you're a prepper tell them in the order notes that you want the whole ordered vacuum sealed and for about $5 more they will seal it with a silica gel insert and they say it will be good as new in 4-5 years if stored at 68F, even longer if kept in the back of a fridge (don't freeze seeds unless you have been explicitly told by vendor they have been dried enough for freezing). They both have pre-set packages of gardens and herbs, and you can custom order whatever you want. Heirloom Seeds has the deeper catalog I think, but they tend to get bogged down with orders and take their website offline for a month at a time, but they are great people, just order early. They have a great medicinal herb package. I also like their 'bee mix', it really draws the pollinators in near my garden (which can triple your productivity). Hometown seeds has a prepper package, plus lots of veggies and herbs and a large selection of flowers, both annuals and perennials. 
Both sites have great info about when to plant for your region and they ship with tables for germinating indoors and when to plant outside.
Buy two sets, one to grow this year and one to set aside, 'just in case'.

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