Thursday, March 25, 2010

China has fancy weapons too!

So, Russia announces it is building a 5th gen stealth fighter, and the US has a successful test of a 747 mounted laser weapon, Iran launches a missile into space and even Brazil is upgrading its Eurocopters to gunships, so China decided they didn't want to be left out of the "announcing we have new toys department" so they dug around in the basement and found some guy making rifles and pistols. Rifles and pistols you say, ho hum. But wait, they work UNDER WATER! Wait.....what? underwater? Who the heck needs a gun that works under water? Are they being attacked by squid? Whats going on in the China Sea that the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (you heard me) has decided they need underwater rifles?
Sucks when the best new military tech you can come up with is a clone of an asinine Russian technology from 40 years ago. Go China!

**UPDATE** OK, seriously, I did not mean to taunt them, but they went and built an ICBM that can kill moving ships at sea.

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