Thursday, March 11, 2010

My seeds are germinating!

So far I have some beans, broccoli, peas and peppers poking little green shoots out! Ahh, I can almost taste them now. Now here's the problem: you're supposed to turn off the heating mat in the germinator when the shoots come up so you don't cook them, but when you have 50 seeds in the germinator, and only 7 have started to come up, do you still turn off the heater?
Decisions, decisions.....

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Don said...

Living in Florida, I've probably had a weather head start on you in the gardening department, but my borccoli is beginning to flour! 1st time I've grown it and I'm real excited to see how large they get. Planted a bunch of veggies from non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds and they're all doing great.
Nice blog, BTW.

I've got a prepping blog on wordpress:

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