Thursday, June 17, 2010

We're all going to die...from snake bites..or spiders....or scorpions

So it turns out that the FDA thinks the drug used in Mexico for coral snake bites is even better and safer then the one used in the US, and now that the US company has stopped making theirs, the FDA is willing to "expedite" the process for approval in human trials. This would cost $3-5 million dollars. Now, the drug has been used for years in Mexico ON PEOPLE. Couldnt we just have a sit down with the FDA and review the results of actual useage?
Because apparently the Mexican company says it would take them decades to make their money back from a $5 Million dollar approval process, which means...prepare to be shocked...they won't do it. The FDA is afraid of approving the drug without trials for fear of being sued.
The sole source of scorpion anti-venom just retired, thats right, it was one person in a lab. And spider AV is becoming scarce too.
Maybe we should start asking all these south border drug mules to sneak in some anti-venin with them.

Be careful in your gardens people. I suggest you do like me and write your congressman to get this fixed. Not approving the drug from Mexico is insane and will get people killed.

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