Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My thoughts on the 25 Questions

So if you've read the 25 Questions I posted, by this time you should notice that any “recovery” that the U.S. economy is experiencing is illusory and will be quite temporary. The entire financial system of the United States (and the EU) is falling apart, and the powers that be can try to patch it up and prop it up for a while, but in the end this thing is going to come crashing down. Buy oil, gold, silver and wheat now while the fiat money is still accepted for purchases. You are going to need those physical investment items in order to fee yourself and your loved ones until we can get through the chaos of the crash and go back to a money that is linked to gold. The worst two thigns Richard Nixon ever did to this country were to open relations with China and to take us off the gold standard. The world is still reeling from both of those actions and it wont stop until we fix both of those problems. The one will be fixed by going back on the gold standard and the other will be fixed when we stop giving most favored nation trade status to a country that gives us a sharp stick to the eye everytime we point out the unfairness of their economy to American trade. Our economy will collapse, the worlds economies are collapsing now. We will all agree internationally to wipe away all soveriegn debt and start over with a clean slate, and this time, we will not base our economies on debt products. If we don't.....well, that road is too awful to even imagine.

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