Monday, June 14, 2010

Quote from The (other) Boy

Actually this wasn't my son (The Boy), it was my nephew. We were in a foot race over the weekend and he looks over as I pass him and says "hey you can't pass me, I'm winning this race!". Now I take no great pride in defeating a 5 year old boy in a foot race (I did give him a 25 yard head start in a 40 yard race and still beat him) but I do find it odd that this generation coming up has "entitlement" drilled into them so much, they simply cannot believe bad things can happen to them.
He pouted to the point his lower lip nearly fell off and so we had a do-over and I let him win. What are Uncles for, if not to further engender unreleastic outlooks on life. Much like the kids playing soccer who now lose, IF THEY SCORE MORE THAN THE OTHER TEAM

For the record, my father always beat me in foot races until I was in my early teens and I legitemately beat him. He then never raced me again to this day.  :)

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