Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 items in the news....

OK, three things have caught my attention in the news:
1. You now have to say you are being silent, if you are invoking your right to silence when being mirandized. Excuse me, but if I don't say I'm being silent and I don't say anything else at all, what exactly are you going to hold against me in a court of law? My being silent? Can I be charged with non-cooperation if I just don't say anything? Seems like an odd thing to rule about, you can bet I will be reading the full case asap. Mind now, anytime an officer has pulled me over I've had trouble shutting my mouth...much less being silent....

2. Nearly 20 flags (does that mean 19?) were burned in Ohio on Memorial Day weekend
One suspect was later arrested according to my drive time radio yesterday and was quoted as saying he was utilizing his right to Free Speech. Lt. Greg Bolek (of the local po-po) says he faces possible criminal damaging and arson charges since THE FLAGS BELONG TO THE LOCAL ROTARY CLUB. You can burn flags in the US under your First Amendment rights. You just have to own the flag to avoid going to jail, dumbass.

3. The Federal Government has asked that all of the states rights movement firearm freedom acts be thrown out under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. They say that having these weapons manufactured and sold without Federal oversight will affect inter-state commerce.
And by that they mean, there will be less inter-state commerce b/c of these states actions. So now, the Feds are saying they can regulate everything that is interstate commerce and ANYTHING THAT AFFECTS UP OR DOWN THE VOLUME OF SAID COMMERCE? Thats a pretty bold claim to be making. Me thinks we should sit back and watch the fireworks in court and see how this plays out.

BTW, the Firearms Acts arent the only States Rights issue hitting the news, Arizona's Governor has now publicly told Pres. Obama "Bring it on" as far as challenging in court the States right to pass a law that is a MIRROR OF FEDERAL LAW! Sheesh people, Eric Holder can't be bothered to read the Arizona law, and Obama doesn't even understand that he is bound by the same law at a federal level. What are these guys doing when they aren't on vacation/golfing? Obviously not picking up a law book.....

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