Saturday, April 17, 2010

5 Best Herbs to Repel Deer (and maybe rabbits)

Surround your garden with these and they will at least slow the deer down. Mint works as well, but next year all you will have is mint, its kind of the japanese yakuza of herbs.
1. Lavender, my #1 recommended, Deer hate it.
2. Russian Sage, grows very tall (4-5 feet), great for next to bean trellis or corn.
3. Bee Balm, great for planting next to squash and other low lying vegetables.
4. Yarrow, deer dislike the taste and it has medicinal purposes. I believe blow dart poison is made from a South American yarrow plant. Hmmm, deer, blow darts....ideas....
5. Rosemary. Deer hate it, but it needs to be babied in a pot or container, so place it around the garden as you see fit to battle deer hot spots.

Some of these will repel rabbits, but I depend on a good wire fence and a 22LR for them.

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