Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My house (well yard) got robbed, I'm looking for ideas

Any useful ideas on preventing another theft?


Anonymous said...

I find the strip amusing, but theft and burglaries are no laughing matter. On that note, I’m going to give you effective measures to stop intruders. One: have a reliable security system. A reliable security system is one that you can use and maintain easily and is not obvious to burglars. Two: don’t leave stuff lying around your lawn. This is an easy target for burglars. Things that you don’t use must be stored in your garage or basement. And three: learn how to be vigilant about your security. Don’t post too much of your activities on social media, and know your neighborhood. Hope you can use these tips!

Guy Cheadle

Odessa Hanton said...

How about installing a quality surveillance camera? Good thing about it is it will not just catch burglars, but can also scare them away. Hanging them on your wall outside will also make a statement that the house is watched.

Odessa Hanton

Fernando said...

LOL! Dress up like a burglar and make a scare burglar?! Why not! As long as it will keep burglars away, then go for it. Like what Odessa suggested, why not just install a CCTV camera or some other home security system. You can’t guard your home 24/7. So, it’s best to make use of the technology to help protect your home.

-Fernando Severns