Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Its worse than you think

So, the economy is already starting to tank so bad that even in a middle class suburb such as my neighborhood, where I am on a first name basis with the majority of folks living within ten houses of me, I get all my tomatoes, squash and zucchini stolen. My extra propane tank for my grill is also missing. I know animals didn't get the veggies, b/c of the fence and netting I have in place around my garden, the lack of animal footprints and the set of human shoe prints in the garden that don't match any shoes I own and are too big to be my wife's.

Someone went in my yard, stole from my garden and stole a 20lb tank of propane. This really makes me mad, sad and scared all at the same time. I seriously doubt it was any of my next door neighbors, I have a suspicion it was someone from the crew that came and cut down my neighbors backyard tree on Saturday. Although we do have curb side pickers/scrap guys who roll through the neighborhood daily, but they don't ever seem to take anything not on the curb, at least I haven't heard of anything going missing that wasn't out for the taking.

I was looking forward to eating those veggies. If I have to start protecting my garden 24/7 from two legged predators, which I can't, things are worse than I think.


PISSED said...

Wow... that sucks and of course is nerve wracking because they now know what you have back there....

Time for some motion sensing lighting.

sobriant74 said...

Motion sensing infrared lighting...attached to night vision equipped, automated, servo controlled, paintball guns firing paintballs filled with teargas, maybe.