Thursday, July 29, 2010

My review of underwear...yeah..underwear

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gotta agree with you, those boxers rock. Might be TMI, but I’m wearing a pair right now. I picked a couple up a year or so ago and wore them on a 5 day backpacking/kayaking trip and was very pleased. They hold your junk comfortably, they wick away moisture and they are just a lil slippery to avoid any kind of motion rash while hiking. I now own bout 7 pairs. They are expensive, but I find good deals at places like campmor and sierra trading post from time to time. I also recommend their nomad pants as they have many of the same qualities for hiking, etc. While I’m at it, I will say I have thrown out all my cotton socks and replaced them with more expensive “whicking” socks from addidas and others. Trust me, when your feet and family jewels are dry and comfortable, life is good.

As for the wearing them for more than one day, I do rinse and dry before wearing them again, hence the two pairs for the 5 day trip. I carry an extra nalgene bottle on top of my pack, attached via a caribiner, and put yesterdays socks and underwear in there with some water and camp soap. They get washed as the water rocks back and forth during the days hike. Take ‘em out at the end of the day and hang them up in your tent, near the fire, whatever, and they are nice and dry and ready for you the next morning. Modern fabrics are a wonderful thing….

Now that I have done a review of underwear and socks, and how to do your laundry, I’m going to go do something manly like kill a bear with a knife or maybe eat a cheeseburger…

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Brigid said...

I got a big old NEW knife to field gut a deer for my birthday (actually the 12th). COOL!!!