Sunday, July 18, 2010

Are you prepared?

Orange and Red are won before the battle even begins. Inlife when you get lemons, you should already have the sugar and water waiting to make lemonade. Spending a lot of time feeling sorry for yourself, especially if you have a family, isn't an option for long. You have to pick yourself up, fight back however you can and move on. If you lose your job, find another one, even if you don't like it. If you or someone you love has a medical setback, suck it up and pray for the best. We can't always be in control, but we can always control how we respond. Spend five minutes thinking about scenarios like this, or at least admit they could happen, and you're developing the mental flexability needed to help you survive and thrive.

Again, Col. Cooper's notes on the color scheme below are gun specific, thats what he did and thats who he was. But these ideas can be wrapped around anything. Give it a try. He who plans ahead has won the battle before it is even fought.

Orange - Specific alert. Something not quite right has gotten your attention and you shift your primary focus to that thing. Something is "wrong" with a person or object. Something may happen. Your mindset is that "I may have to shoot that person." Your pistol is usually holstered in this state. You can maintain this state for several hours with ease, or a day or so with effort.

Red - Fight trigger. This is your mental trigger. "If that person does "x" I will shoot them." Your pistol may, but not necessarily, be in your hand.

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