Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Queen and her Purse

I'm not a big follower of British anything, but I did read an article about the change of power over there. I think its all rather civilized how the old PM resigns to the Queen right after the election results are tallyed, none of this lame duck president business we have in the states.
But, the point of my post today is I thought it funny that in the picture, in her private drawing room in her palace, the Queen of England, the worlds richest woman, has a golden chair, could one even say throne?, that holds her purse.  :)
See pic below of her meeting the new prime minister.
I find it funny that A: she carries a purse at all, since one would think she could have a servant carry anything she needs and B: she seems to carry it around the palace with her as she goes room to room. I tend to leave my wallet in a wooden box on a shelf by the door to the garage and dont carry it around the house, but then my house doesnt have 200 rooms, either.
The "golden throne" just made me laugh out loud.

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