Friday, June 24, 2011

Random thought from tha Intarwebz

lxa374 on Apr 6, 5:33 PM said:
"If we raise the debt ceilng, a loaf of bread would eventually cost $2000 thanks to inflation. Why dont we just slash Social InSecurity in 1/2, Military spending in 1/2 (bring troops home), pass tort reform and slash medicaid in 1/2? that will basically get us out of debt. That and impose tariffs on Chinese made crap (that I use)."

Not sure this approach would work, since it might leave a lot of people seniors starving in the streets, but I like the general gist; we look at where we actually spend money and cut there, instead of tryign to get blood from a stone by cutting spending in the small areas of discretionary spending. Entitlements and Defense are the only things worth cutting to fix this mess.

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