Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The .Gov has gone nuts - Now they don't want us to poison mice!

So, I knew they were banning 100w light bulbs soon, I didn't realize they are also going to ban rat poison. Well, at least the effective kinds. 
The press release from the EPA says they will be banning the strongest types (i.e. most effective) and consumers will only be able to buy poisons with less toxicity that are sold in child and pet proof containers. If a pet can't get in it, whats the likelihood a rat will be able to? And if its less toxic, how much will the mice have to eat?
Plus, though they quote thousands of children exposed to rat poison, I can find no numbers online of the number of deaths attributed to pest poisons. Every child's death is tragic, but if this is affecting a very small number of people, shouldn't we regulate this a different way, maybe a public media campaign? Some PSA's on TV and radio would probably help stop a lot of those cases of child exposure. Maybe put some big warnings on the packaging ala cigarettes?

Now we're stuck with rat poison that isn't really poisonous. 

Good luck to all you folks in AZ fighting mice with the Hanta virus. As SayUncle says, its for your own good
I have kept away from New Jersey b/c I didn't want to live in a Nanny State, now all 50 of them are. Great.
Guess I'll be adding rat poison in with all the preps in the basement....

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sobriant74 said...

Add in dishwashing detergent, chocolate milk in schools, cage raised eggs and now Jelly to the list of Govt "stuff you shouldn't have for your own good".