Monday, May 16, 2011

We are now running the government off federal workers retirement money

Um, just when are we supposed to notice things have gone down the crapper? When they tell us they have or when they run out of smoke and mirrors?
This will only get worse before it gets better. We still owe billions to the social security trust fund we haven't paid back and now we're 'borrowing' from the federal employees retirement fund to actively run the government?

Plus I hate to be the one to point this out, but isn't that still debt?
We're doing this to avoid selling treasuries (debt) b/c the debt ceiling was hit this morning. but, isn't what we're doing creating more debt? Shouldn't we just close down the .gov for a few days until Congress decides to buckle under to the pressure from the treasury and the federal reserve and raise the debt limit?
I mean, we all know that's what they are going to do, they might as well get around to it. No way that they could stomach doing the right thing and making the .gov live of revenues.

Get your 'preps' ready, b/c if someone sneezes in the petrodollar/gold/silver/insert important economic indicator here market, we're looking for a rough summer.

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