Thursday, May 12, 2011

Really Ohio Legislature? Really?

You got a Republican super-majority elected in both houses and the Governors mansion* (and the state Supreme Court while were at it) on a platform of jobs and the economy and you're squabbling about which flavor of anti-abortion bill to pass?
Really? I don't remember you having fixed Ohio's economy yet, so I have the feeling you have other things to do with your time right now. Get off your asses, cut spending, lower taxes, raise taxes, invent new grants for business, argue about ways to fill Ohio's budget gap, declare tomorrow "spend some money in Ohio day", something, anything, but focus on JOBS AND THE ECONOMY!

*per se, the Governor actually already lived in the capitol city of Columbus and chose to remain at his family home for his term, forgoing the actual mansion. Hopefully that will save the state a few bucks.

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