Tuesday, February 25, 2014

There are some simple secrets to happiness in this world,

and the dogs know what they are.
A blogger I read online* has lost a dear pet, one that was only with her for a too short time. Barkley was written about in her blog, weaved into her stories of work and life, recipes and range trips. He was an erstwhile shadow and thanks to Brigid's wonderful skills as a writer and willingness to open her life bare to her readers, I feel like I know a bit of her and her wonder dog, Barkley. He will be missed by a large online community of readers and as Brigid feels the pain and anguish of losing a loving companion, the rest of us will stand with her as she looks beyond today. Brigid, Thank you for sharing, thank you for being there for so many of us, hopefully we can return some of that goodwill now that you need it in return.

* I discovered Brigid's blog at a low point in my life; having quit a job I really enjoyed, and that paid better than any other job I have ever held, because of a terrible supervisor who was driving me over the edge.
I needed an outlet to blind me temporarily from my worries, something to distract me as I carried on a belabored job search for close to 7 months. Brigid, more so than any other blog I stumbled across**, through her poetry of writing and alliteration was able to sweep me off into her world for little peeks at her past and present. These were brief instances of joy and happiness as I slogged through my day-to-day search for meaningful employment and ever larger worries that I was going to run through my savings and no longer going to be able to make my mortgage payments, or keep my kids fed. She wove her stories well, and they frequently included Barkley, as good a dog as there ever was.
Now I have a good career again, having changed ships from IT server management to SAP software support. But, I still frequently lurk on Brigid's site, b/c she is still a great writer and can make me smile. Thankfully my Feedly app keeps me up to date on the go, as my new job requires me to rarely sit still. That's how I found out that Barkley, brave as he was, had passed. He is now out of pain and Brigid soldiers on, but as someone who has lost beloved animal companions, I know it isn't easy. The loss is real, otherwise the companionship wouldn't be real.

** Another thank you to Brigid is due as I think of it; she opened up an entire online community that I have taken to heart. These people who live around the country, some around the globe, have become part of the tapestry of my life. Reading their posts is far more fun for me than surfing the web randomly, and as I have never been one to much enjoy TV, they, in a way, keep me social. Other than my wife and kids I tend to never go out and do anything with anyone. No offense to them, I love my family and they are the width and breadth of my joy in this life, but a person craves friendship as well. My friends I made in school all reside back home in South Carolina, far from Central Ohio where I have hung my hat permanently and I don't make new friends easily.
I am a bit of an introvert after all (shocking for a server admin, I know).
Yet, that part of my brain that requires 'other' companionship can be fed virtually, I have found. It makes me a healthier person. I tried for a while to be an active member of them and to blog myself, but alas, I am no wordsmith and I lack the gumption to keep it up. I enjoy reading them still though, and keep telling myself...one of these days...when the stars align and they have one of their blog meets, I'm going to drive a few hours, stroll in and have a beer and a cheeseburger with these people who have added so much color to my life. One of these days...

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