Monday, August 26, 2013

Man feared dead after being grabbed by crocodile, also people breathe air and water is wet.

Um, yep. Once you get grabbed by a Salty, your life expectancy drops to near zilch at a dramatic rate. I feel sorry for the guy and his family, but the headline writers have once again come up with a sandwich of "DUH!" in how they write.  Also in the headlines today at good ol' NBC?  Snipers 'deliberately" shoot at UN Inspectors. Um, yeah. That's what snipers do. They don't shoot randomly. Come on NBC, are you even trying?

I really wish newspapers and media sites would take a little more time and either do the pun thing or at least report the facts. Trying to be a tabloid when you aren't is just lame. Guess they have to avoid talking about the Fed unwinding and the impending economic damage.

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