Friday, December 14, 2012

Who the F#$K hurts kids?

So some idiot decided it would be a good idea to walk into a school in Connecticut and shoot some people. Teenagers are found guilty of murdering a toddler. A dad kills his kids b/c he loses custody in a divorce.

What the hell is wrong with these people????

Even before I was 5 years old I had it ingrained in me that you don't hurt children.
Its about the worst moral sin you can possibly do, and yet we hear about it again and again.

I blame parents. As a parent I spend a fair amount of time teaching my kids good moral judgment skills. I doubt most parents do the same.

You should raise your children to understand that some things are just NOT DONE.
It bothers me so much that I have quit watching TV series after they hurt a fictional child.

Society needs to realize that until we raise a couple of generations that abhor violence to children, we are going to keep having whackos make the news for beating, raping, murdering children.

As a father I want to always keep my children safe, what do you do when someone attacks their school while you're at work?

I'm going to go throw up, excuse me.

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